Your Gift Will Change Lives and Create Futures

Thank you for considering a gift to Solutions for Change. .

Your gift means that a child will have a future, a family will gain its independence, and our community will express its care and compassion for those who've faced challenges and need. Your intentions and those of the community are a force for good. Solutions for Change is the means for achieving the community's goal of solving family homelessness. And the gift you give is what makes it all possible.

Please consider becoming a ChangeMaker, by choosing the option below to make a monthly donation. Your regular support means we can help more people more consistently.

We appreciate your care, your concern, and your support. We look forward to keeping you advised of the many ways your gift is working to solve family homelessness.

"Thank you." Two words, lots of meaning.

Children such as Carmella, who is five years old, are the future. But what kind of future will it be? For Carmella, a much happier one now that she has a home, and her family is on the way to permanently solving their homelessness.

That means a lot to Carmella. It means she'll have a stable, happy home. It means she'll be in school, learning the things she needs to succeed. It means an entire world of opportunity, because she will no longer be handicapped by her homelessness. It means better physical and mental health.

Being at Solutions for Change dramatically increases Carmella's chances of graduating from high school, something only 25% of the children who are homeless ever achieve. It greatly decreases her risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses that can have a lifelong impact.

When Carmella says "thank you," she means it. She appreciates your support, because even at her young age, she knows it has already transformed her life.

Solutions for Change is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your gift is tax deductible as provided for by law. We are audited annually by the accounting firm of Leaf and Cole LLP, San Diego. Our audited financial statements and our annual IRS Form 990 are available here.